Item # VF423 SECO WARWICK Bottom Load Vacuum Furnace, 23’W X 18’L X 16’H- 42131

  • Manufacturer: SECO WARWICK
  • Type: Bottom Load Vacuum Furnace
  • Working Dimensions: 48” ID X 48” High
  • Outside Dimensions: Approximately 23’ Wide X 18” Long X 16’ High
  • Built 1991. Model# 42131 Vertical Elevator Vacuum Furnace
  • Maximum Temperature; 2192F (1200C)
  • 440 Volts, 250 KW, 3 Phase
    Controls: Eurotherm 2704 Digital Temperature Control, (3) Honeywell UDC Digital Overtemp Controllers, Total Control Quick Panel. Touch Screen Monitor and Honeywell Multitrend SX Paperless Recorder Mounted in (2) door Control panel.

    General; Bottom Load Vertical Vacuum Furnace with Metal Hot Zone and heating elements. Capacity 1000 Pounds @ 1000C. Heating elements are mounted in floor beneath heather, on roof and side walls. Power to heating elements is through low voltage transformers. Pumping system includes Kinney Roughing & Booster pumps and (2) Balzers helium cryogenic diffusion pumps. At completion of heat cycle furnace is back filled with inert gas which is circulated by a 7.5HP roof mounted fan. Supplied with external cooling tower complete with pumps and (2) tanks. Last used April 2024. Very good condition. 
    Asking Price $165,000 USD