Item # VF419 Centorr MIM Debind and Sinter Furnace


  • Manufacturer: Centorr Vacuum Industries
  • Type: MIM-Vac M675 Horizontal Vacuum / Controlled Atmosphere MIM Debind and Sinter Furnace
  • Series 3570 Model 181836-1650-4S/6Z-10HP
  • Chamber: Double Wall, Stainless Steel inner and outer jacket with front and rear access doors
  • Hot Zone: 18″W x 18″H x 36″L. Needs a new hot zone.
  • Elements: Tungsten Rod
  • Insulation: MLa Moly and Pure Moly
  • Hearth: TZM Moly
  • Design uniformity: +/-5°C
  • Maximum Temperature: 1650°C in vacuum and partial pressure of inert gas, 1450°C in 1 atm Hydrogen
  • Maximum Load: 600 lbs
  • Retort: for processing second-stage MIM binders including Polyethylene/Polypropylene
  • Partial Pressure: Argon or Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen up to 1 atmosphere
  • Debind Gas System: Polymer Binder Removal/Sweepgas with binder traps
  • Diffusion Pump: HS16 (16″ Dia)
  • Mechanical Pump: Kinney KT-150 rotary pump
  • Loader included
  • Footprint: 150-200 square feet approx.
  • Power supply: 50 KVA per zone (6 zones), 300 KVA SCR
  • Electrical: 460V, 3Ph, 450 Amp disconnect
  • Cooling Water: 50 GPM, 35 PSIG

Asking Price $325,000 USD