Item # VF416 C.I. Hayes Vacuum Furnace

  • Model:  VCH-202436, manufactured in 1979. Single owner.
  • Work Zone:  24″ x 36″ x 20″ (Not sure if height is 20″ or 24″ yet)
  • Heating Input:  110 kW  (125 kW Total)
  • Max. Temp. :  From factory with 2450F rating
  • Cooling Gas:  Set up for Nitrogen
  • Power:  460V/3Ph/138 Amp.
  • Max. Load:   400 lb.
  • Used for:  Sintering Silicon-Iron P/M parts
  • Vacuum System:  Kinney & Roots Mechanical Pumps.  Port for D.P. but no D.P.
  • Manuals:  Full manuals available
  • Comments:   Shortly before furnace was taken out of service, Heat exchanger was replaced, Controls were upgraded from original (now Yokagawa). Operating when last removed for storage. Original graphite board hot zone design changed to 2-piece monolithic graphite.  Graphite strip elements. Graphite hearth beams with 1/8″ moly strip on top of beams. (2) moly racks. No load cart.  Manual door lock.

    Asking $10,000 USD or Best Offer