Item # VF411 Abar Ipsen Plasma Nitriding Systems (2 available)

Model HR-14x65x80 N GL0. Serial #‘s BM-1501 (Built 1995) and  BM-1510 (Built 1997).

General Description; Two fully functional plasma nitriding systems and related auxiliary equipment. Modular Ion Power Supply Type II (MIPS II) originally, upgraded to M3 in 2007. Gas cooling 1200CFM Turbine Blower. Backfill Gas: Nitrogen. Vacuum instrument: MKS 152B. Process recorder Honeywell DPR-3000 (on 60990), Yokagawa GX-90 (on 61520). Hot zone load size 14W x 65H x 80D. Max load & Temp: 3000 lbs & 1050 F Vacuum: Micron Range – Stokes 412H-11 Mech pump and 615 Stokes Blower. Partial Pressure: Nitrogen/Hydrogen/Argon. Positive Pressure: No.

  • Electrical; 3ph, 480V, 60Hz. Motor & control load 36kVA. Hot zone load 226 kVA. Total connected load 386 kVA
  • Water; Peak Demand 91 GPM. Pressure 40-70 PSIG. Temp 85F Max
  • Inert Gas; Pressure 90-100 PSIG regulated
  • Controls; Allen Bradley PanelView 1400e, Allen Bradely PLC 5/20

Systems are currenty installed and in operation. Will be available mid 2023. Consider these complete with spare parts and in excellent condition. Included is a load unload station, part racks and transporter. Please ask for more details.