Item # VF400 Abar Ipsen Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Manufactured by Abar Ipsen in 1996 this is a model BM-1574 SCVF-3X36X30X48 unit. Working dimensions of 3ft x 3ft x 4ft length. The vacuum will pull to -.1cmHg.

Description; System is a three chamber vacuum braze furnace with fork truck load and unload on each end.  Brazing Chamber is capable of brazing temperatures up to 1130 degrees C.  It has three Stokes two stage vacuum pumps and pulls independent vacuum on each of the three chambers.  The chamber condition is good. The furnace was last ran in production in September 2021.  It was used to braze low carbon steel tubes and mounting brackets together that were spot welded together. Vacuum chamber is in good condition and the cooling system has been left on and circulating even though the furnace is not in production.

One vacuum chamber requires vacuum pump rebuild and the other two pumps were operational when the furnace was shut down.  Control system is an Allen Bradley SLC5 processor. All available spare parts will be included with the furnace. Electrical requirements:  3 phase -460VAC , Full load heater Amps 510amp.

Currently installed but not in production. Asking $75,000 USD.