Item # VF397 Ipsen Vacuum Furnace, Load Size 24” W X 22” H X 48” D

Manufactured by Ipsen in the 1980’s this furnace has working dimensions of 24” wide x 22” high x 48” deep.

  • Pressure relief set at 5 psi for pressure quench.
  • 30 Hp quench motor
  • New Ipsen compuvac control system with Allen Bradley PLC and Wonderware Scada
  • Recently new, barely used 212 J stokes pump
  • Hot Zone in very good condition
  • Has always operated on a closed loop cooling system
  • used for vacuum brazing
  • Diffusion pump

This furnace has seen very little use in a large captive heat treat department. In the past few years it has seen investments of over $140,000 in the form of new controls, hot zone and Stokes pump. Just removed from service.

Asking $75,000 USD