Item # VF390 ELNIK Systems 2500F Vacuum Furnace

Manufactured in 1995 by ELNIK Systems of New Jersey this is an electrically heated, horizontal vacuum furnace. Graphite hot zone with Molybdenum elements. This furnace has a 16” Diffusion pump, so ultimate vacuum should be -4 to -5 torr range, if leak free upon installation. The Thermal control is based on Allen Bradley SLC500 PLC with an RSView32 SCADA System installed on an Advantech industrial computer with Windows XP operating system. In operation until removal end March – 2021, Stainless steel Chamber, work Zone 24” wide x 22” high x 48” deep approx.., 16” Stainless  Steel High Vacuum Valve,16” Diffusion pump, Water cooled baffles on inlet of main valve and diffusion pump, Stokes 212 piston with 310 booster, Spencer Turbine 25 HP quench with external heat Exchanger. In operation until removal Mid March – 2021. Originally designed for 2 bar nitrogen quenching. Furnace is complete and in good condition although the hot zone will require some minor repairs.