Item # VF424 Centorr Vacuum Debind/Sintering Furnace

Built by Centorr Vacuum Industries of Nashua, NH this is a Series 3720 system, Model 12X12X36, Serial #20410. Built November 1998.

Electrical; Voltage 600, Amps 75, kW 61, 60 Hertz. Operating temperature 900C. Working dimensions of 12” X 12” X 36”.

General Description; Originally designed and developed in the early 1970’s for the debinding and sintering of Tungsten Carbide materials with wax or PEG binder systems, the Sintervac AM™ takes this heritage and improves on the proprietary Sweepgas™ binder removal system offering a furnace that can debind in both partial pressures or in positive pressures of Argon, Nitrogen, or Forming Gas depending on the customer’s choice of binders.

The all‐graphite furnace hot zone offers a robust and inexpensive design for processing a variety of stainless steel, tool steel, mild steels and low or high‐alloy materials. With a max temperature of 1600°C it can handle virtually all 3D printed metals on the market today. The graphite insulation is fabricated from durable rigid graphite board secured to an all‐stainless steel jail with CFC hardware in lieu of carbon felt which is more readily deteriorated in a binder‐laden environment. Heating elements use our proprietary tube‐and‐block design comprised of precision‐machined components pinned together with graphite hardware and cured and glued with high‐temperature graphite cement. The horizontal design allows for individual element tubes to be repaired and replaced in‐situ, and out‐perform lower cost designs using graphite ‘slat’ elements bolted to the phase bar which can loosen over time causing micro‐shorts and poor temperature uniformity.

Currently in indoor heated storage. Motivated buyer, asking $39,000 USD.