Item # T420 Walk in Oven-48” W X 72” H X 72” D

Manufactured by TPS this is a gas fired walk in oven Model; TPS TK125CG144-G, Serial # 108981. 1200F maximum operating temperature. Voltage 460/3/60. External dimensions 95″ wide x 116″ high x 14″ long.

Controls; Controls are located in an enclosure attached to the left side of the oven Yokogawa UP55A programmable controller with Ethernet communications, a Yokogawa 150L high limit safety controller and a Partlow MRC 5000 single pen temperature recorder are flush mounted in the enclosure along with control switches with indicating lights. Gas heating system and fuel train are built to meet NFPA, FM and IRI standards. Safety systems include latching, manual reset main gas valve, purge timer, pressure relief panel, high / low gas pressure switches, leak test valves and electronic flame safeguard for igniter and main burner flame.

Description; Double doors with a 70/30 split. The wider door utilizes 4 Brixon spring tension latches and the narrow door section has a positive seal cam action latch. 2 row high temperature gaskets provide a good door seal. Corrosion resistant stainless steel (309L) interior with punched louvered air duct panels on both side walls and rear wall. Insulated floor with reinforced steel plate . Top mounted Eclipse inline burner fires into the combustion chamber behind the work chamber. Rear mounted belt driven circulating fan distributes heat out both side wall ducts and returns through the rear wall air duct. Powered exhaust fan and cooling blower are mounted on top.

Good condition. Asking $7,500 USD.