Item # T418 7 Station Tempering Oven

Manufactured by ECM this is a 7 position tempering Tunnel Oven. This furnace under air convection is foreseen for tempering after carburizing and quenching. It is a tunnel furnace with a chain transfer system. There is one loading position and one unloading position.

  • Length 25.25’
  • Width 5’ 9”
  • Load size 39” X 24” X 26”
  • Maximum temperature 500F, +-5C
  • Electrically heated, total power connected 160kW.
  • 7 centrifugal fans on roof.
  • Siemens PLC control.

System was built and installed in 2016. Very few hours as it was only used for 3 years, excellent condition.

Asking $20,000 USD