Item # O411 Grieve Cabinet Oven 1250F

Manufactured by Grieve this is a Model AG-1250, unit Serial Number 400066, JOB #58059A0500.

-Electrically heated 460/3/60/33 Amps/24 kW

-Working dimensions of 36″W x 36″H x 48″L

-External dimensions of 63″W x 72″H x 82″L

-Maximum  operating temperature of 1250F

Controls; Controls are located in a top mounted control console. Watlow 1400 Series digital temperature
controller, analog high limit and control switches with indicating lights for the circulating motor and heat are flush mounted in the face of the console. High limit contactor and control contactor, motor starter, fuses, relays etc. are mounted inside the console.

Description; Single door with 2 row high temperature woven gasket and Brixon spring tension latches for a good door seal. The double gasket design reduces heat loss through the door opening. Stainless steel interior with 5 shelf brackets on 6″ centers, two (2) shelves are included with this oven. Incoloy sheath tubular heating elements and belt driven circulating fan are located behind the work chamber. Heated air is circulated across the heating elements and distributed through the chamber in a horizontal front to back pattern for good uniform heating. An air flow safety switch cuts power to the heating elements if blower is not operating. Door limit switch cuts power to heating elements when the door is open. An adjustable fresh air inlet is located at the fan shaft. An exhaust vent with slide damper is located on top of the oven.

Very good condition-tested. Asking $15,000 USD.