Item # O412 Grieve Modified ID-1250 Atmosphere Box Temper, 72″W x 42″H x 78″L, Electric, 1250°F

Description: This oven has a single swing out door with 2 sets of cam action closures and fiberglass gasket for a good seal. The interior is stainless steel lined with 13 shelf brackets, 2 shelves and a 5 HP circulating motor rear mounted. The heating elements are located in a separate chamber behind the work area, the heated air is circulated horizontally through punched louvers on each sidewall. This oven can operate with inert gas to prevent oxidation. This oven has an isolated cooling jacket outside the inner chamber to accelerate cooling with the addition of a blower. (Not included)

Controls are in a side mounted control panel complete with Honeywell digital temperature controller, digital high limit, Yokogawa strip chart recorder and a Watlow solid state power controller to control the heating elements. A flow meter and pressure gauge are surface mounted on the control panel for controlling the flow of the inert gas.


  • Manufacturer: Grieve
  • Model: Modified ID-1250 Inert Oven
  • Serial Number: 105134A0112
  • Stock Number: 7651
  • Work Area: 72″W x 42″H x 78″L
  • Heated: Electric
  • Max. Temperature: 1250°F
  • Voltage: 460/3/60/160 FLA/120 kW
  • Overall Dim: 11’2” Wide x 15’ Long x 7’8” High

Asking Price $79,500 USD