Item # O411 Wisconsin Oven 2 Lane Conveyor Oven, Natural Gas Fired, 650°F

Continuous variable speed (.27-1 FT/MIN) 2 lane conveyor oven with a 1/2″ x 1″ flat wire belt. Each conveyor belt is rated for 140 pounds per sq. ft. Oven has a 36″ long loading area prior to each 144″ long heated section. Following the heated area is a 36″ long unload table. The 18,500 CFM @ 15 HP circulating fan is located above the work area. Heated air is circulated in a top – down pattern over the conveyor belts. A 1000 CFM @ 1.5 HP powered exhaust fan for oven is mounted on top. Exhaust hood 2000 CFM @ 1.5 HP, charge and discharge end. Mounted to the side of the oven includes an Eclipse AH package burner with spark ignition and flame rod. Recirculating fan and both exhausters are removed for shipping. Manuals and drawings are included with the oven.

Controls are located in an “UL” rated enclosure with fused disconnect attached to the side of the oven. Eurotherm 3204 digital temperature controller, Barber Colman “7SL Limitrol” digital high limit safety control (mounted inside panel), control switches with indicating lights for the circulating fan, exhaust fan, conveyor belts, purge, flame relay, burner on etc. are flush mounted in the enclosure. Motor starters, fuses, relays, Honeywell flame safety and two (2) Allen Bradley “PowerFlex 4 variable frequency drives are mounted inside the enclosure.

  • Manufactured by Wisconsin Oven
  • Model  Top Flow-60/144/18-6.5/2 Lane, Built 2014
  • Serial Number  06811C1404
  • Work Area 24″W (28″W opening) x 20″H x 144″L Each Lane
  • Natural Gas Heated- 1,000,000 BTUH, 2-5 PSIG, 650F maximum temperature
  • Voltage 208/3/60/70 Amps (Motors are dual voltage)
  • External dimensions 10’W x 12’H (9’2″H shipping) x 20’L, 12,000 pounds shipping weight

Available immediately. Asking $62,500 USD