Item # L57 Leco SC632 620-300-100 Carbon/Sulfur Determinator Gravimetric Laboratory Analyzer

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The SC-632 Carbon/Sulfur Determinator is a non-dispersive infrared, digitally controlled instrument designed to determine sulfur in a variety of organic and inorganic materials. The sample is combusted at 1350 + 50°C in an atmosphere of pure oxygen. The sulfur is oxidized to sulfur dioxide and quantitated by infrared absorption.

Instrument LECO SC-632 Carbon/Sulfur Determinator

Sample Intro Weigh sample to nearest 0.01 mg. Weigh samples directly into sample boat tared on electronic balance. Weight automatically transferred to SC-632 database. Cover sample with LECO Com-Aid combustion accelerator as called for by sample type.

Trace Calibration Three conditioners of milk powder. Six calibration standards of oyster tissue. Internal calibration using quadratic regressed curve.

General Calibration Three conditioners of cystine. Seven calibration standards of bovine liver (4) and sulfanilic acid (3). Internal calibration using quadratic regressed curve.

Control 100-120 mg of milk powder and 5-8 mg of cystine Frequency: Both after calibration, and one cystine each after every ten samples.

Determination Combustion in O2 atmosphere at 1350°C. Determination of resulting SO2 by infrared detector.

Quantitation Limit 0.007 mg S Calculations Internal

Precision & Accuracy (milk powder) (Cystine) RSD (%) TBD Mean Recovery (%) TBD

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