Item # L56 Mitutoyo PJ-H3000F Profile Projector – 303-991A

High Accuracy floating table By separating axial motion, and stabilizing the XY measuring stage in the Z-direction, high measuring accuracy (3+L/25µm) has been achieved. Focusing is accomplished by moving the screen head itself up & down with the hand wheel or motorized unit. The power focusing type (T2&T4) provides higher performance. Newly Designed Lenses with a High NA Newly designed lenses with a high NA (10X, 20X, and 50X) provide drastically brighter and clearer screen images during surface illumination. Surface Illumination Unit with Variable Emission Angle By swiveling the condenser lens unit in the vertical direction, the surface illumination angle is adjustable for vertical or oblique illumination allowing easy inspection of non-reflective workpieces. Maximum Measuring Range in Its Class The PJ-H3010FT1-300, PJ-H3010FT2-300, and PJ-H3010FT4-300 have achieved a maximum measuring range of 300x100mm (12″x4″), which is superior to their rivals. Both the X and Y axes of the stage have a floating structure, allowing speedy measurement along with large-diameter feed handles. Standard Rotary Tables The 100x50mm XY stages (for PJH3005FT1-100, PJ-H3005FT2-100, and PJ-H3005FT4-100) are provided with the standard rotary table. Large-size, Easy-to-use Protractor Screen The protractor screen has an effective diameter of 306mm (12″), allowing large workpieces to be inspected. The screen rotation can be digitally displayed with a resolution of 1′ or 0.01°.

Asking Price $6,950 USD