Item # L116 EmcoTest ET-11 (N4B) Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester

The ET-11 (also sold as Struers N4B) is a clamp style portable hardness tester for Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, HVT, HBT and Ball Indentation Hardness Testing (ISO 2039-1).  Comes with 150KG spring sleeve.  (Other spring sleeves are available from Emcotest)
The hardness tester is constructed as a light alloy clamping device with an easily adjustable threaded spindle. The tester comes in a case with a variety of test anvils, and a variety of indenters (see photos) thus allowing for testing of multiple sample sizes and geometries.  Several test blocks included, as well as the instruction manual and old calibration certificates.
This unit is refurbished, oiled, tested, and ready to ship.  30 Day Warranty. [INV 163]
Asking Price $2,600 USD