Item # IQ497 Surface Combustion “Standard Allcase Line”

Manfuacturered by Surface Combustion of Maumee, Ohio this is a “Standard” Allcase line consisting of the batch IQ, temper furnace and Spray Washer.

  • Model; Standard Allcase, Draw Furnace;  HFC-30-42-24, Batch Washer;  WG-24-36-24. Built 1980.      
  • Working Dimensions;  24”x 24” x 36”L,  Approx  600 – 750 lbs/Hr.
  • Max. Operating Temperature;  Allcase –  1750F, Box Draw;  1400F Batch Washer;    175F
  • Power Requirements;  Gas fired, 575 Volt, 3 PH
  • Controls;  Honeywell UDC-2000 control, DR-450 chart recorder on both furnaces.
  • Description;  In-out design atmosphere controlled carburizing furnace with Nitrogen-Methanol atmosphere system, internal automatic rear load handler & roller-rails, Trident radiant tubes, electric heated oil quench with SBS oil cooler.
  • Convention box draw furnace equipped with vertical rise door & roller-rails, brick lined.
  • Batch Washer – Spray type with submerged gas radiant tube, vertical door and oil skimmer.
  • Some spare parts included, (2) cast alloy trays, crate of misc. parts.  No charge car included.
  • All in very good – excellent condition.  Was operational at time of removal.

Asking $79,500 USD or Best Offer.