Item # IQ 497 Surface Combustion Batch IQ Line 24″ x 36″ x 24″

Surface Combustion Standard Allcase batch heat treating furnace line comprised of one internal quench furnace, one box draw furnace and one batch spray washer. Built in 1980 in Canada.


  • Standard Allcase
  • Draw Furnace;  HFC-30-42-24
  • Batch Washer;  WG-24-36-24
  • Work Area;  24”x 24” x 36”L,  Approx  600 – 750 lbs/Hr.

Max. Operating Temperature;

  • Allcase –  1750F
  • Box Draw;  1400F
  • Batch Washer;    175F
  • Power Requirements;  Gas fired, 575 Volt, 3 PH

Controls;  Honeywell UDC-2000 control, DR-450 chart recorder on both furnaces.

Description;  In-out design atmosphere controlled carburizing furnace with Nitrogen-Methanol atmosphere system, internal automatic rear load handler & roller-rails, Trident radiant tubes, electric heated oil quench with SBS oil cooler.

Convention box draw furnace equipped with vertical rise door & roller-rails, brick lined.

Batch Washer – Spray type with submerged gas radiant tube, vertical door and oil skimmer.

Some spare parts included, (2) cast alloy trays, crate of misc. parts.  No charge car included.

All in very good – excellent condition.  Was operational at time of removal.

Asking Price  $79,500 USD