Item # I190 Ajax Magnathermic Magnescan II, Pacer -S10

Manufacturer: Ajax Magnathermic
Category: Induction Heating
Type: Induction Heating w/Scanner
Heated: Electric
Model Number: Magnescan II, Pacer -S10
Serial Number: HK-2K920 (1998)
Voltage: 480/3/60/175KVA/244 Amps
Work Area: 150 kW, 3/10 kHz, 60 Inch Scanner
External Dimensions: 86″ wide x 120″ high x 84″ long
Controls: Mounted in a panel with fused disconnect attached to the front of the scanner includes a Nematron HMI with pushbuttons and signal lights for control power, water pump, quench pump, heat, scanner jog and rotation. All functions of this scanner are controlled via Allen Bradley SLC 5/02 PLC.
Description: 60″ Single Spindle Ajax Magnathermic Magnescan II with 150 kW, 3/10 kHz kHz Ajax Magnathermic Pacer S-10 power supply and Jackson output transformer. System appears to be complete and includes side mounted DI water system/quench system and heated quench tank. The above system is all mounted on a common base with forklift pockets.

Asking Price $34,500 USD