Item # I187 Pillar MK20 5kW Induction Heater w/ AB6700 Cooling Unit

Induction Heater Info

Model: MK20
Serial #: 6425
kW:  5
Freq:  400KHZ
Voltage: 240
kVA:  6.5
Amps:  18
Water GPM:  1.5
Weight: 125 lbs

Cooling Unit Info

Model:  AB6700-61
HP:  0.75
Volts: 230
Freq:  60


  • Digital timer with enable switch
  • Main line circuit breaker
  • Diagnostic fault lights for voltage, current, high frequency, low frequency, water temperature and pressure.
  • Illuminated Pushbuttons for Heat On, Heat Off, and Reset
  • Analog meters for monitoring DC voltage, DC current and frequency
  • Isolation load matching output transformer
  • Direct modern replacement for vacuum tube high frequency generators.
  • MOSFET transistor modules.
  • 95% conversion efficiency.
  • Wide matching range capability.
  • Full compliment of direct metering for power supply operating conditions.
  • Single main control board.
  • NEC and NFPA79 wiring codes.
  • Isolation output transformer.
  • Series tuned output circuit.
  • Sealed enclosures requiring no external air for cooling.


  • All Manuals for the Induction Unit and Cooling System
  • Spare Parts – Control Board, Pressure Switch & Timer
  • Two (2) additional coils

As the leader in the development of practical, industrial solid state high frequency power equipment, Pillar has developed a system approach to achieving continuous duty, reliable operation in varying load and cycling conditions of induction heating applications.

Thousands of units ranging in size from 300 watts through 4000 kilowatts are operating in the field proving durability and flexibility under a wide variety of industrial conditions. Pillar systems are used for induction heat-treating, mass heating, crystal growing, coreless induction melting, brazing, and other continuous or selective heating applications.

Asking Price: $7,900 USD