Item # G207 Surface Combustion 5,000 CFH Endothermic Generator

Manufactured by Surface Combustion of Ohio, USA this is a gas fired endothermic generator Model # RX 25-50-2V, Serial # AC-43091-1. Maximum temperature 1950F. Voltage 460/3/60. 5,000 CFH capacity. External Dimensions: 5’W x 11’H x 13’L.

Controls: Mounted and wired in an enclosure attached to the generator includes Honeywell UDC digital temperature controllers and Honeywell UDC digital high limit controllers. This generator also has a SSi (Super Systems) series 9200 controller and Advantech HMI touchscreen interface. All signal lights etc. are mounted in a separate fused disconnect enclosure.

Description: Standard Surface Combustion “MODULAR” design endo gas generator. This generator has two(2) retorts/heating chambers air cooled heat exchangers for cooling of the gas. This unit is equipped with an Atmosphere Engineering “EndoInjector with a range of 1000 CFH to 5000 CFH. The EndoInjectorT is a precision gas mixing system for endothermic gas generators. The system incorporates a fuel injection design that utilizes electronic flow measurement and precise ratio control to consistently provide the ideal gas mixture for high quality endothermic gas generation. The EndoInjectorT significantly reduces operating costs by eliminating gas waste. The fuel injection design automatically provides gas mixture on demand, providing only as much endothermic gas as your furnaces require.

Very good condition. Asking $45,000 USD.