Item # G205 Gasbarre Endo Generator 3000 CFH

Description: Electrically heated 3 retort generator. Refractory lined shell with vertically mounted retorts. Total of twelve (12) silicon carbide heating elements, 6 on each side are mounted through the chamber for good uniform heating of the alloy retorts. The natural gas and air pass through a Waukee “mixor” valve then into the Waukee gas pump. Mixed gas enters the 3 “mixed gas” flow meters, through the Selas fire checks and enters the top of the retorts. The gas travels through the catalyst filled heated retorts and exits at the bottom. The exiting Endothermic gas passes through water cooled chambers then finned cooled air heat exchangers then through the Endothermic flow meter. A pressure regulator is supplied on the exiting gas piping.

Controls: Controls are enclosed in a panel attached to the side of the generator. Honeywell UDC 3200 digital temperature controller and Honeywell UDC 2500 digital high limit safety. Control switches with indicating lights are flush mounted in the enclosure. Flange mounted fused disconnect switch for control power. Separate non fused disconnect for the main power. Waukee flow meters are manifold mounted for incoming and outgoing gases. Flow meters include: Natural Gas 0-1000 CFH, Air 0- 2500 CFH, (3) Mixed Gas 0-1500 CFH and Endo 0- 3500 CFH. Step down transformer for reduced voltage to the heating elements.

External Dimensions: 106″ wide x 75″ deep x 116″ high.

Voltage: 460/3/60/63 Amps/50 kW

Model Number: 3000 CFH Endo Generator

Asking Price $32,500 USD