Item # C410 Ipsen Single Row Pusher Furnaces (2 available)

We have available two Ipsen single row pusher furnaces (U-shaped). These include two high heat furnaces, oil quenches, washers, and three temper locations each. 
  • Built in 1995.
  • Each Furnace has (9) work zone positions of 24” wide x 36” deep x 18″ high
  • Continuous: heat, oil quench, washer, temper. U-Shape configuration. Fully automated.
  • Ability to carburize.
  • One furnace has new controls
  • Huge supply of Spare Parts including radiant tubes, burners, probes, motors and more
  • Available now
  • No pits required
  • Gas fired
  • Excellent condition! Both furnaces have recently been re bricked
  • Footprint 18.5’ft wide x 30’ft long each
Asking $150,000 USD each or $250,000 USD for both