Item # C401 Mesh Belt Brazing Furnace-2200F

Manufactured by the JL Becker Company in 2015 this is a continuous mesh belt brazing furnace with ammonia dissociator and gas dryer;

Maximum operating temperature of 2200F
4,000 pound per hour capacity
Conveyor is 1” X 1” flat wire mesh with a width of 13”
Electrically heated 480V, 3 phase
Ammonia disscociator built by Thermal Dynamics, Modeal AD10EJ, Serial# 15-018. 1,000 CFH.
Lectrodryer Gas Dryer, Model GAS-B-27, Serial #9403B8286. 1KW heater. Purge; 1.1 SCFM.

Asking Price: $85,000 USD Loaded on a Truck