Item # C397 C.I. Hayes High Temperature Pusher Furnace

Manufactured by CI Hayes this is a High Temperature Pusher Model MY-040860-60PH. Specifications;

  • 4” clearance over the hearth
  • 8” clear width
  • 60” preheat, 21 KW, 3 SCR controlled zones, metallic elements, MOT: 1100 deg.C
  • 60” high heat, 45 KW, 3 zone reactor/transformer controllers,  molybdenum elements, MOT: 1500 deg.C
  • 126” cooling Continuous operation via a multi speed drive system and a return conveyor system with jam detection
  • Furnace and control panel are mounted on a permanent steel skid
  • Controls: both chambers contain Honeywell 3000 controllers (3 each) and 3000 overtemperature controllers (1 each) A data logger is also included.
  • Furnace contains an atmosphere mixing system for either H2/N2 or DA/N2
  • Overall dimensions: 70”h x 52”w x 395” l (furnace section)
  • The furnace is designed for full size  8” x 8” pusher plates.
  • Note: The high heat section with be refurbished with new face brick, new molybdenum elements and connectors, new thermocouples, new transformers, new hearth tiles and supports (as needed), and new wiring. Enough pusher plates (used) will be supplied to fill the furnace and more.

Complete and in very good condition. Asking $119,500 USD.