Item # C390 Holcroft Pusher Furnaces Available

We have available 3 surplus gas fired pusher furnace all manufactured by Holcroft in the early 1980’s. All are currently installed and complete but have not been in operation for several years. Located in the USA. Furnaces are complete and ready to go but controls would need to be updated. Base trays are not included.

  • Holcroft 3 row pusher. Trays are 23″ X 23″ with 20 trays per row in the high heat furnace. Line consists of high heat, oil quench temper and washer. Used for carburizing and carbonitriding.
  • Holcroft 2 row pusher. 23″ X 23″ trays, 13 per row. High heat, oil quenching, temper and wash. Used for carburizing.
  • Holcroft 3 row pusher furnace line with tray size of 20″ X 20″. 20 trays per row.

(Pictures are representative only and do not show the actual units. Please ask for more detailed information. Best offer).