Item # C387 Rotary Hearth Furnace-15’ Working Dimension

Manufactured by Quench Press Specialists (QPS) this is a gas fired, atmosphere, rotary hearth furnace with a working diameter of approximately 15’. Built in 1994 it was moved, upgraded and reinstalled in 2004.

  • Gas fired, 16 Eclipse Thermthiefs burners with SER, straight tubes, recuperated.
  • Oil sealed, motor and gearbox drive under the suspended hearth.
  • Side walls/roof raise up on hydraulics for easy maintenance.
  • Fiber insulation.
  • 4 zones of temp. control, Barber Coleman controls for temp. and Carbon.
  • Gas flow panel setup for Endothermic, Nitrogen, Nat Gas, Air addition.
  • Allen Bradley PLC.

Does not include quench presses, conveyors, or robot.   This unit had a minor oil fire that damaged some wiring which was mostly replaced.  Furnace is modular, the two halves bolt together.  Available now to dismantle and remove at buyer’s expense.   Some spare parts available and manuals.

Asking $89,000 USD