Item # C384 Mesh Belt Furnace Line for Heat Treating Bearing Rings (Located in Italy)

The Heat Treatment is composed by:

  • Ring washing machine to remove the oil, this washing machine has a loader of 1200 mm times 1200 mm.
  • Electric belt furnace, with N2 atmosphere. We perform the HT for rings dimension from 8 mm to 110 mm, the furnace capacity is depending a lot from the rings dimensions.
  • The furnace conveyor is 250 mm and the length is divided into 4 zones, each one with a temperature sensor.
  • SAFED Furnace (purchase date 2005)
  • Command of the process: Siemens S7-300, total heat power 61 kW, total electric power installed 89 kW
  • For more info about SAFED machine we can share the machine handbook
  • After the furnace there is a quenching oil tank in which the rings falls down and after that a second conveyor take them out and bring them into a first whashing step.
  • The washing rotating machine works with a rotating cochlea that push the rings out and wash them, it can reach a temperature of 100 °C
  • A second washing machine with a small cochlea perform the fast cooling at a temperature around 5 °C
  • A second electric belt furnace (with a belt bigger than the SAFED one) perform the tempering.
  • FATEK furnace (purchase date 2015)
  • Production capacity 70 kg/h, total electric power installed: 50 kW, max temperature 350 °C
  • For more info about FATEK machine we can share the machine handbook
  • The total furnace production capacity is 70 kg/h

They ask for 350K but price in negotiable.