Item # C383 18” Sintering Furnace $39,000 USD

Sinterite 18E-5Z-VC conveyor belt continuous furnace (serial no. 95739) used for sintering of iron, copper, brass, and bronze parts in a controlled, nitrogen and hydrogen atmosphere. The furnace was operational for 13 years, and the Versa-Cool cooling section for the last of those 6 years. It has spent the last 12 years in storage. It is a complete line, including:

  • Conveyor belt drive and parts loading area at the entry end of the furnace
  • Controlled atmosphere collection hood on both ends
  • Two separate, electrically heated chambers (two zones in the first, three zones in the second)
  • “D” shaped muffle with reinforcing gussets, with heating elements above and below
  • Versa-Cool cooling section useful for sinter hardening
  • Ten additional feet of conventional cooling in 3 sections
  • Unloading table and discharge chute at the exit end of the furnace
  • Flo-meter panel for control of the atmospheric gases
  • Panel with full controls for belt speed and temperature (including ammeters)
  • Steel mesh conveyor belt

Technical Specifications:

  • Conveyor belt width: 18”
  • Usable height above belt: 5”
  • Heating zone lengths: chamber 1 (pre heat) is 144”, chamber 2 (high heat) is 180”
  • Total furnace length (approximate): 70
  • Maximum operating temperature: pre heat is 1800°F, high heat is 2100°F
  • Power Requirements: 275 kW, 3 phase, 60 Hz
  • Hourly production (weight/hour ratio): 600 lbs/hour
  • Conveyor belt speed: up to 10 inches/minute
  • Insulation Type: Ceramic Fibre Blanket, Board, Modules, and Fire Brick
  • Insulation Thickness: 12” Sidewalls and Roof
  • Versa-Cool Length: 130”
  • Versa-Cool Area: combined 654 sq. ft. including convective, conductive, and radiant cooling
  • Versa-Cool Cooling Rate: as high as 480°F per minute

Asking Price $39,000 USD excluding shipping, installation, and commissioning.