Item # C382 Continuous Annealing Furnace (Located In Italy)

This is a second-hand furnace used for the annealing of tubes with diameter 114mm and thickness max 3,5mm, length max. 23 meters.

Technical data:

operating temperature between 1100° and 1200 °C

  1. 4 muffles

hourly production from 370 to 550 kg/h depending on the thickness

methane heated

loading bank = 18m

prechamber length = 3 m

useable length heating zone = 4,42 m

external total length = 4,99m

muffle total length = 5,5 m

cooling chamber length = 16 m

unloading bank = 23,5 m

total length = 63m

This furnace is located in Italy.

Asking price is € 100.000,00 excluded disassembly, shipping, installation and commissioning.