Item # C381 INOX LINE 70-20-500-AI Conveyor Belt Continuous Furnace (Located In Spain)

 INOX LINE 70-20-500-AI conveyor belt continuous furnace used for the brazing and solution annealing of stainless steel parts under nitrogen and hydrogen controlled atmosphere. It is a complete line made up of:

  • Parts loading zone located at the entry side of the furnace with conveyor belt driving group
  • Controlled atmosphere collection hood with post combustion electric system
  • Electrically supplied heating zone with spiral heating elements above and below the muffle
  • Cooling zone with water-jacket recirculation system
  • Controlled atmosphere exit collection hood with upper postcombustion
  • Unloading zone with conveyor belt idler roller
  • Refractory steel mesh conveyor belt
  • Switchboard with computer
  • Gas mixing panel for furnace operation
  • Water collection tank and chiller

Technical details:

  • Conveyor belt width                                                                     700 mm
  • Usable height above belt                                                            200 mm
  • Heating zone length                                                                     5.000 mm
  • Maximum working temperature                                             1.100°C  
  • Installed power                                                                              265 Kw
  • Average consumption                                                                 186 Kw
  • Safety and purging nitrogen consumption                          40÷50 Nm3/h
  • Nitrogen working consumption                                8÷12 Nm3/h and 18 Nm3/h at the barriers
  • Hydrogen working consumption                                            21 ÷ 50 Nm3/h                                
  • Hourly production for parts weight-volume ratio            Nominal 300 kg/h
  • Conveyor belt speed                                      Up to 600 mm/min
  • CE marking

In addition to the furnace the following spare parts are available:

  • Muffle
  • Conveyor belt
  • Heating elements

The furnace only worked for 3 months and it is currently located in Spain.

Price of the furnace € 355.000,00 excluded shipping, installation and commissioning

Price of the spare parts € 52.000,00 excluded shipping