Item # C380 Pusher Furnace Available-Single Row 1800-2000 Pounds/Hour

Manufactured by Salem Engineering this is a single row direct fired pusher furnace with cooling designed for stress relieving, normalizing and Isothermal Annealing.

-Natural Gas heating, 3.0 MBTU’s/Hour
-Maximum operating temperature 1750F
-Work Area: 36″W x 20″L Tray Size
-External Dimensions: 8’W x 11’H x 40’L – Approximately

Description: Direct fired pusher, 2 zones of control, eight (8) burners in each zone, each burner has flame safety with spark ignition, 15’long heated section and 23’long cooling section. Furnace has new brick, new SiC hearth rails, new alloy baskets and trays (qty. 33) ($75,000.00 of new alloy). Actual Opening is 41-1/2″W x 20″H. Furnace is currently installed and under power. Very good condition, ready to go.

Currently installed and under power. Very Good condition ready to go. Asking $175,000.00 USD.