Item # C379 Titanium Solution Shaker Furnace For Thin Section Titanium Sleeve Bolts

Manufactured by California Heating Equipment (CHE) this is a brand new shaker hearth furnace system which was installed just a few months ago but never operated. Consider it in mint condition.

  • Argon Atmosphere
  • Electrically heated furnace with controls
  • Fabricated retort with cast shaker pan and support
  • Vacuum purge loading chamber
  • Automated elevator loader
  • Metering loader system
  • Pneumatic shaker system
  • Quench conveyor to remove the parts from the quench tank with chiller
  • Control system with PLC / HMI
  • Operating Temperature- Maximum is 1800 deg F, Normal Operating range 1600 deg F to 1800 deg F
  • Pounds per hour- 50 lbs per hour
  • Size of the pan- 7’ long x 4’6” wide x 3’6” high
  • Conveyor is 16” wide

System is currently installed but not in use. New this was almost $500,000 USD, Asking $310,000 USD.  Further details available upon request.