Item # C378 Automated Electric Salt Bath/Rinse Bath System

Manufactured in 2020 by California Heating Equipment (CHE) this system was installed but never run. Consider it to be new. All Electric Salt Bath / Rinse Tank System:

  • Steel x ¾” A-36 salt bath tank with 144 KW Bank Inconel Electric Immersion heaters.(6 Immersion Heaters) with mixer
  • SCR control on the (6 Immersion Elements)
  • Steel rinse tank
  • Pan for the rinse tank and salt bath tank
  • Guards with pneumatically operated doors on each side
  • Insulated salt bath tank as necessary (brick and boiler insulation)
  • Guard with rubber shield to allow for motorized hoist (provided by others) to pass through
  • Clam shell design will provide easy access to salt tank
  • Electrical Panel to be provided
  • Automated 500 Pound Rated I Beam Hoist System Complete to handle parts throughout the process
  • automatically
  • (6) Total Poly Pro Tanks for Rinse System
  • Poly Pro Tank for the Acid System
  • Salt tanks-20’ long x 2’6” wide x 2’6” high

Installed but not in use. New this was almost $250,000 USD. Asking $150,000 USD. Further details available upon request.