Item # C378 Salt Bath/Rinse Bath System For Thin Section Titanium Sleeve Bolts

Manufactured in 2020 by California Heating Equipment (CHE) this system was installed but never run. Consider it to be new. All Electric Salt Bath / Rinse Tank System:

  • Steel x ¾” A-36 salt bath tank with 144 KW Bank Inconel Electric Immersion heaters.(6 Immersion Heaters) with mixer
  • SCR control on the (6 Immersion Elements)
  • Steel rinse tank
  • Pan for the rinse tank and salt bath tank
  • Guards with pneumatically operated doors on each side
  • Insulated salt bath tank as necessary (brick and boiler insulation)
  • Guard with rubber shield to allow for motorized hoist (provided by others) to pass through
  • Clam shell design will provide easy access to salt tank
  • Electrical Panel to be provided
  • Automated 500 Pound Rated I Beam Hoist System Complete to handle parts throughout the process
  • automatically
  • (6) Total Poly Pro Tanks for Rinse System
  • Poly Pro Tank for the Acid System
  • Salt tanks-20’ long x 2’6” wide x 2’6” high

Installed but not in use. New this was almost $250,000 USD. Asking $150,000 USD. Further details available upon request.