Item # C376 Abbott Mesh Belt Brazing Furnace

Manufactured by Abbott Furnace Company of Pennsylvania this is 4 zone electrically heated mesh belt brazing furnace consisting of a load table 120” long, a high heat chamber, cooling section and unload table 60” long. Furnace is installed and qualified but not currently in operation. Vendor will uninstall but buyer is responsible for loading. Manuals and drawings available. Furnace is in excellent condition and further details are available upon request. 

-Power 240 Volt, 3 phase, 60 Hertz, estimated 200 Kilowatts

-Overall length 53’

-Heat chamber 168” long, 4 zones rated for 2150F

-Silicon Carbide heating elements

-Muffle made of silicon carbide. 188” long X 14” wide X 7 “ high

-Honeywell HC900 advanced PLC control

-Atmosphere Nitrogen/Argon/Hydrogen

-314 SS mesh belt 8” wide X 118’ long

-Speed range from 0-8” per minute.

Asking Price $210,000 USD