Item # C375 CI Hayes Pusher Furnace, Electric

Model: BA-051540.   Serial Number: 18468 (1987).

Work Area: 15” wide x 5” high x 40” heated

Electric: 90 kW, 480 volt, 3 phase

Max Temp: 2350° F.

External Dimensions: 5’ 7” wide x 16’ long x 6’ high.

Controls: Eurotherm digital temperature controller and high limit.  Step down transformer and saturble reactor supply reduced voltage to the heating elements.  Three trim pots, 3 amp meters, 3 volt meters.

Description: Manual pusher furnace with an 18” long entry vestibule with sloped front door, 40” long hot zone, 52” long stainless cooling chamber, sloped exit door and a 24” long unload table.  Silicon Carbide heating elements.

Asking Price $4,900 US