Item # C371 Mesh Belt Brazing Line-Located in Italy

Manufactured by SCAME FORNI INDUSTRIALI SPA of Italy this is a model#  Brazing Line 50-15-260 designed for brazing of mild steel components under endogas controlled atmosphere. It is a complete line, made up of:

–       Parts loading zone in the entry side of the furnace with conveyor belt driving group
–       Controlled atmosphere collection hood with post combustion electric system
–       Heating zone with spiral heating elements supported by ceramic tubes
–       Cooling zone with water-jacket recirculation system
–       Controlled atmosphere exit collection hood
–       Unloading zone with conveyor belt idler roller
–       Refractory stainless steel mesh conveyor belt
–       Switchboard with command and control computer
–       Gas mixing board for furnace operation

Technical details:

–       Total length = 16,6 m
–       Usable heating zone = 2.600 mm
–       Conveyor belt width = 500 mm
–       Usable height = 150 mm
–       Hourly production = 200 Kg/h nominal
–       Installed power = 65 kW
–       Methane consumption = up to 8,5 nm3/h and up to 25 nm3/h on the barriers
–       Maximum furnace temperature = 1.150°C
–       CE marking

Furnace is currently located in Italy. Asking Price as is € 55.000,00 excluding transportation and installation. Price for furnace completely refurbished = € 155.000,00 excluding transportation and installation (Photos show how the line would look after being refurbished).