Item # BOX 476 Box Furnace 40” X 33” X 60”

Manufactured by L&L Special Furnace Company this is a an electrically heated Recirculating Box furnace. Model #XLE4060-FA86, Serial Number I198LN.

Description;  Recirculating box furnace with refractory lined heating chamber, roof mounted alloy circulating fan, heating elements located on side-walls, rear wall, under hearth and in door.  Hearth rated for 1000 lbs.   Equipped with forced cooling system.  Excellent condition. Working dimensions of 40” Wide X 33” High X 60” Deep. Electrically heated, maximum operating temperature of 1875F. 480 Volt, 3 PH, 70 KW,  92 Amps.

Controls;  Honeywell  UDC-2000 Mini Pro,  Honeywell DPR-100 chart recorder, variable power controls for two heating element zones.

Asking Price $32,500 USD