Item # B488 Nitride Salt Pot Systems (2 Available)

We have available 2 Nitride Salt Pots (built by Johnstone Company) and Accompanying Furnaces (built by Kolene Corporation). Currently in indoor storage.

  • Salt pots are constructed of Inconel 600 material and have working dimensions of 42” ID X 54 ¼” high.
  • X2 Gas Furnaces with three closed head burners 274,000 BTU/HR each 822,000 BTU/HR total per refractory.
  • X2 Salt Bath Nitride Pots (inside furnaces) (drawings attached) both are about 1/3 full of Delamin Nitride Salt. From what the inner walls look like (little to zero sludge build up) they have lots of life left in them.
  • Rough dimensions and weight for each furnace/pot combo-7.5’ x 7.5’ x 10.5’, weight 10,300 LBS

Asking price $30,000 USD for everything.