Item # B479 Nitriding Furnace-“Bell” Style

Manufactured by Westinghouse this is a “Bell Style” nitriding furnace. Serial number 17P864-1. Working dimensions of 60” diameter X 52” high. Electrically heated-440/3/6—125KW. Operating temperature of 1200F. Weight capabilities of 5,000 lbs. Currently installed and in operation. Very good condition.

New fixture,New low pressure regulator for ammonia, New flow meter, New SLR and New dissociator all included. Selling due to lack of demand for types production for our shop. Custom 5 Tonne Crane made for this furnace also available, $25000.00

Description; Bell style nitriding furnace complete with alloy lined retort in furnace, oil sealed base (brick lined) with cast alloy recirculating fan (3 HP) and furnace “Guide Pins” and furnace storage base.

Instruments; Wall mounted control panel with SSi Digital temperature controller and SSi Digital high limit.

Overall Dimensions; Furnace (on storage base)-7′ Diameter X 11′ 6” high, base-8′ diameter X 5′ High. Approximate weight 10,000 pounds.

Asking Price $50,000 USD