Precision Gear Inc., Acquires Arrow Gear Company

This isn’t recent news, as a matter of fact it dates back to the December of 2018, however it doesn’t seem to have attracted much attention. We of course are interested for the usual reason-both of these companies have very impressive in house heat treating departments. The one photo here shows Jordan Montgomery at the Precision Gear facility in College Point, NY. The other picture shows one of the batch IQ furnaces at Arrow Gear in Illinois which works in conjunction with a Dixietech Press Quench system.

“Precision Gear Inc. of College Point, NY is pleased to announce the acquisition of Arrow Gear Company of Downers Grove, Illinois. The Purchase was concluded on November 16th, 2018. The combined strength of PGI and AGC will provide the gear and shaft market with 160 years of manufacturing expertise in providing Flight Safety Critical hardware. The confluence of the advanced gear and shaft manufacturing capabilities and an experienced and proven management team will significantly improve the company’s stature across the industry. Precision Gear and Arrow Gear will continue to operate from the current facility locations, while leveraging their corporate affiliation. A management holding company has been established to ensure organizational guidance and strategic oversight to pursue a competitive vision for the group. The new entity has been established as Precision Arrow Gear Group (PAGG). The merger of these companies will enhance the diversity and depth of the product offering to the market while expanding their presence in the industry.”