Polish Heat Treater Adds New Nitriding System

“P.W.P.T. POSTEOR Sp. z o. o has bought a turnkey nitriding system from NITREX for the first time for its manufacturing plant in Elbląg, Poland. The customer had previously outsourced the nitriding of stainless-steel power generation parts to a commercial heat treatment services provider before deciding to move this part of the operations in-house and manage its production independently. Through funding support from a government program co-funded by the European Union, the POSTEOR management allocated funds towards expanding and modernizing the capabilities of its operations in Elbląg, which included the purchase of a NITREX turnkey system for nitriding work.

The chosen solution was an NX series furnace, model NX-620, for nitriding challenging steam turbine components made of ST12T stainless steel using the reconstruction method. These parts are used for steam turbines in power generation plants. “POSTEOR decided to bring nitriding operations in-house because of the difficulty that heat treating service companies encountered with the complexity of the process and the uncertainty of the end results,” explains Marcin Stokłosa, Project Manager at NITREX responsible for this sale. The pit-type NX-620 comes equipped with all available technologies for NITREGR nitriding, NITREGR-C nitrocarburizing, and ONCR in-process oxidation. It also complies with all the necessary industry requirements for such processes: AMS 2750F, AMS 2759/6, ASM 2759/10, and AMS 2759/12.

“The turnkey system also includes remote access software, an INS neutralizer for a clean and environment-friendly process, and a custom HMI for the end-user. It is entirely automated, requiring little operator attendance or involvement,” describes Mr. Stokłosa.”

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