Performance Review Institute Appoints Jay Solomond as CEO

The background to this story is that the Performance Review Institute (PRI) was incorporated in 1990 to administer the Nadcap program, NADCAP in turn covers a variety of aspects of the aerospace industry including heat treating.

“Nadcap history; Prior to Nadcap, aerospace companies audited their own Suppliers to their own process requirements to verify compliance. As the processes the Suppliers were providing to their customers were often similar or identical, the customer requirements were comparable. Consequently, these duplicate audits were redundant and simply added to everyone’s workload, without adding value. For the aerospace Prime contractors, conducting their own audits similarly meant duplication of effort, redundant audits, unnecessary administration and, ultimately, higher cost for no added value. Then, in November 1989, a US Government/Industry Equal Partners Conference recommended a consensus solution to the duplication of Supplier process control system audits and in July 1990, the Performance Review Institute was incorporated to administer the Nadcap program.”

The Performance Review Institute (PRI) has announced the appointment of Jay Solomond to the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Solomond will lead and manage all aspects of PRI’s strategy, continuing to add value for the global stakeholder base and supporting PRI’s continued global growth, operations and programs.

David L. Schutt PhD, CEO and President of the SAE Group said: “Jay is a highly successful global executive with over 25 years of leadership across various industries. He is a transformative and forward-thinking leader, which is exactly what’s needed at this pivotal time. We are excited to have Jay’s involvement, and his passion for quality and safety, to lead PRI into the future.”

Throughout his diverse professional career, Mr. Solomond has led teams and projects in multiple countries, with responsibility for strategic decisions and delivering ever richer value and confidence to all stakeholders, including the general public. Customer- and quality-focused, Mr. Solomond has an innovative mindset, holding four patents, and a strong commitment to continuous improvement.

Jay Solomond said: “PRI is known and trusted worldwide as the steward of quality in critical industries such as aerospace and medical devices through its unique collaborative supply chain oversight programs, world-leading quality management systems approval program and expert professional development programs. I look forward to working with the PRI stakeholders, and leading the transformation, towards the provision of ‘next generation’ services.”

About PRI;  The Performance Review Institute (PRI) is a not-for-profit trade association started in 1990. PRI is the world leader in facilitating collaborative supply chain oversight programs, quality management systems approvals and professional development in industries where safety and quality are shared values.Learn more at

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