Paulo, Monterrey, Mexico Expansion Continues

Earlier this year we published the press release below about how the second largest commercial heat treater in North America, Paulo was expanding their Monterrey, Mexico facility. The expansion is progressing on time and this photo shows how the facility looks currently with production slated to begin the third quarter of this year. The press releases issued by Paulo mention 4 new furnaces are part of the expansion, our assumption is that these will be “tip up” style furnaces designed for nitrocarburizing of brake components.

“January 2021 Press Release; Paulo Expands Monterrey Division to Support Automotive Industry; Paulo’s newest division in Monterrey, Mexico began full processing operations in 2018. The location was chosen to provide services to one of Mexico’s most prominent manufacturing hubs, and the need for precision heat treatment in the area is continuing to grow. The facility was opened with 50,000 square feet of processing space, and Paulo has just announced plans to double it in size to meet strong demand from the automotive industry for the heat treatment of brake components in passenger cars and trucks.

The expansion will include the addition of four new furnaces, which will create significantly higher capacity for ferritic nitrocarburizing and stress relieving. It will also create job opportunities for several positions including operators, maintenance, and general plant labor. “With this expansion, our strategic plan to eventually double the Monterrey division in size is coming to fruition,” said Will Rassieur, Paulo’s VP of Sales. “It’s great to see the automotive sector bouncing back and we are proud to be able to support it.”

This full-scale expansion comes in addition to the recent launch of Vacuum Heat Treating and Brazing capabilities, to support tool and die, automotive, and aerospace customers. Aldo Rodriguez, General Director, added, “It is very encouraging to see this strong growth in 2021 and beyond, only 2 years after we started operations in Mexico. The outlook of the business is very positive and we are ready to take on this challenge with such a brilliant and professional team.” Construction on the new expansion has begun, and the new furnaces will begin
production in the third quarter of 2021.”

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