Paulo Monterrey Division adds Vacuum Furnace

To this press release from commercial heat treater Paulo we have to add-does this furnace look familiar? Back in late January we had a news item about a Chromalloy gas turbine repair facility in Middletown, NY, USA closing down, this was the picture we used. And yes Paulo is 100% correct, this furnace is a beauty and will be a real asset for the company.


“Paulo is excited to announce the addition of Vacuum Heat Treating to our Monterrey Division.  Since startup processing has been focused on stress relieving and ferritic nitrocarburizing.  Adding vacuum equipment is the first step to expanding the services offered by Paulo in Mexico. Paulo operates nearly 50 vacuum furnaces across the US facilities supporting a variety of industries and part types. The furnace, which will be ready for production in late April, was previously used for critical aerospace brazing.  Once installation and startup are complete the furnace will be capable of both Argon and Nitrogen quenching.  The working zone measures 48”x48”x48” with a 3500lb capacity and a maximum temperature of 2400F. The installation will include tempering and testing equipment to support both Annealing and Hardening processes for a variety of materials. “We are excited to expand our services in Mexico to support the manufacturing base located there. Access to local thermal processing is an issue many manufacturers are facing in the region, we look forward to the partnerships and continuing to help our customers succeed,” said William Rassieur, Vice President Sales. Founded in 1943, Paulo is one of the largest providers of thermal processing and metal finishing solutions in North America. Headquartered in St. Louis, Paulo operates six divisions servicing the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Southeast regions of the United States and northern Mexico.”