Parker Trutec, Inc. $1.4 Million Expansion Completed

In Springfield, Ohio Parker Trutec just completed an expansion of their heat treatment facility. Parker Trutec is a subsidiary of Japan based Nihon Parkerizing one of the largest commercial heat treaters in Japan and like many Japanese companies largely services the Japanese automotive manufacturers located in North America. We searched through our archives and came up with this 2106 press release from the company which tells us how they were adding a fourth AFC-Holcroft batch IQ furnace. “MARCH 2016 PRESS RELEASE; Parker Trutec, Inc. in Springfield, Ohio has added a 4th UBQ 36-48-36 universal batch integral quench furnace to an existing line. This latest furnace will be equipped for carburizing, and will be made CQI-9 Compliant. The equipment is scheduled for installation in March of 2016. About Parker Trutec: Parker Trutec is a North American subsidiary of Nihon Parkerizing, a world leader in metal improvement technology. The Parker Trutec Group operates 6 facilities in the United States and Mexico which specialize in metal treatments and products that improve the resistance to wear, corrosion and fatigue of metal components. For more information:

“September 16, 2019, Springfield, Ohio – Parker Trutec, Inc. announces the completion of a 30,000 square foot, $1.4 million expansion at the Springfield Heat Treatment Plant; marking the sixth expansion since plant operations began in 1989. For more than 30 years, Parker Trutec, Inc. has provided a variety of heat treatment processes including gas carburizing, gas carbonitriding, neutral hardening, gas soft nitriding (GSN), ISONITE® / ISONITE-Q®, and salt bath nitriding (FNC), as well as value-added processes. With the completion of this expansion, additional equipment and processes will be added to further meet customer needs.”