Park Thermal International Auction-The Final Act (Maybe)

Park Thermal based in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada has been supplying the heat treatment industry since 1938 which is a quite remarkable record. Alas as we previously mentioned this supplier of quench salts and new and used heat treating furnaces recently closed their doors for good. Today (Wednesday, May 26th) almost the final act is being played out as the remaining equipment is being auctioned off. A quick review of the available items reveals a long list which includes a number of low temperature ovens and misc. furnaces  with manufacturing equipment and odds and ends thrown into the mix. We said that this was “almost” the final act, there might be one more item which needs to be resolved and that is the salt side of the business. Park has always mixed and bagged quench salts on site and at least one company very seriously wanted to acquire this part of the business. While an agreement had been reached it was never quite consummated-we will keep you posted on what happens.

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