Oregon Induction + Thermal

Oregon Induction + Thermal is one of a very rare breed of commercial heat treater in that they have grown and prospered over the years largely by offering Induction hardening. As a matter of fact we can count on the fingers of one hand the number of commercials in North America who concentrate on induction work. Probably the fact that they have been successful at it is because they can handle such a wide variety of parts, shafts up to 14′ long on a vertical scanner, and gears with a diameter of up to 14′.¬† Having said that the company recently changed their name from Oregon Induction to Oregon Induction + Thermal to reflect on the fact that the company also offers carburizing and aluminum processing. The carburizing department has a number of Beavermatic IQ furnaces (funny how you really only see Beavermatic furnaces on the west coast of the USA or in Texas) and the aluminum department has two medium size aluminum drop bottom ovens. Oregon is a family owned business started in 1981, run by Jeremy Parker son of the founder of the company¬† and in total in occupies roughly 40,000 square feet. With over 50 employees we would say this is a larger than average commercial operation and like many in the industry in North America these days they report that business has been good and continues to be good. These photos give you more details.

Tony Moran, Cindy Barbo, C.F.O.O., Jeremy Parker, Owner & President