Onejoon Thermal Solutions Buys Eisenmann Thermal Solutions

We received a press release this morning about how a Korean manufacturer of furnaces, Onejoon Thermal Solutions was buying a German furnace builder by the name of Eisenmann Thermal Solutions. The press release went on to say that the dal would be concluded January 15th and that Eisenmann Thermal Solutions has 200 employees in two locations in Germany. The press release caught our attention as we flatter ourselves that we know the Germany market fairly well but we have never heard of Eisenmann Thermal Solutions before-some investigating was in order. Turns out that yes this all true and it sounds like Eisenmann builds some pretty high end furnaces but few of their products are destined for the “real heat treatment industry”. Our very basic research tells us the company is more involved with kilns and furnaces for producing carbon fibres as opposed to vacuum furnaces, sealed quench furnaces or mesh belt lines.