Oldest US Commercial Heat Treater Has New Controlling Shareholder

According to the press release below Curtis Metal Finishing has a new controlling shareholder by the name of Primat Group. The history of Curtis Metal Finishing is long and distinguished, dating back to 1916 when Hoensheid Steel Treating was formed by Anthony and Ralph Hoensheid (Father and Son) making this the oldest commercial heat treater in North America as far as “The Monty Heat Treat News” can tell. While originally this was strictly a commercial heat treater this (and the name) changed over the years and the company is now more a coating company than a heat treater.

While the company is based in Michigan they also have a location in Machesney Park, IL, USA which features several very large mesh belt furnace lines.

“May 23, 2023; Primat Group has made a controlling investment in Curtis Metal Finishing Group a provider of protective coatings, pre-treatment, heat treatment and technical intermediation services, based in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Based in Milan, Italy, Primat offers coating services for fasteners primarily for the auto industry. Curtis Metal Finishing is a portfolio company of HCI Equity partners, HCI will continue as a shareholder. Jeff Wilson will continue as CEO of Curtis.”

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